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Our first truck
Our first truck


The company provides cargo transport with sheeted vehicles in Central and Northern Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark). Our biggest advantage is the company’s family management, which puts flexibility, reliability, and quality at the forefront of our operations.

The company was established in 1992, when the owner Srečko Vidic bought the first cargo vehicle. The company was first named Avtoprevozništvo Vidic Srečko, s. p., and its initial market was Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Slovakia).

In 1998, the company was renamed as Transport Vidic Srečko, s.p., and operated under this name until 2002, when it expanded its operations to include accounting services managed by Vanja Vidic. The company was renamed as T & R Vidic or Transport & računovodstvo Vidic Srečko, s. p.

Our son Rok joined the transport part of the company and took over logistics. The company began to grow while maintaining not only the quality of services and transport of cargo, but also the satisfaction of the employees in the T & R Vidic team.

Because the market changes on a daily basis, it is all the more important for the company to be able to adapt to these changes.

Quality of service is paramount

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